About Us

Infinite Artistic Movement, LLC curates and produces classes, workshops, and events that educate, inspire, and create safe spaces for people to find their freedom in movement, bond with others, and spark the passion in their lives!


Infinite Artistic Movement Presents the "Let's Move Too!" a program providing creative movement and physical development services to facilities and organizations that serve children and youth. We connect Daycare Centers, Home Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Recreation Centers, and Non-Profit Organizations to Instructors who specialize in Creative Movement, Dance, Sports Fundamentals, Interactive Storytelling, and many more services that enhance the development of children and youth!

"The ways we share our passion for dance in the world are INFINITE. We are not only one thing, because our passion and talents are limitless and the love we have to share is INFINITE. There is ART in everything and in everything there is MOVEMENT, and MOVEMENT is Life." -Malaika Tate-Scott

Malaika Tate-Scott, Founder/ CEO

Infinite Artistic Movement, LLC is founded by Malaika Tate-Scott, a Native Washingtonian and an entrepreneur with a B.A. in Dance from the University of Maryland. Her 12 years of teaching and directing experience include holding positions as a former Company Dancer, Teacher, and Company Director for Joy of Motion Dance Center. In 2017, Malaika left the comforts of working for JOM and ventured out to expand the ways in which she could share her passion for dance with people who might not otherwise see the value in taking a “dance class”. Malaika uses dance to help people open up to the freedom found in movement, to create bonds, and inspire positive action throughout life.Through the creation of various programs and workshops she will certainly accomplish her goals!

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