Movement Matters!

Science studies have proven that movement is essential to a child's physical and mental development.

Let's Move Too! Provides professional instructors from different specialties to come to your location and provide services that will enhance the physical and mental abilities of the children you serve. 


Experts have reported the tremendous benefits of creative movement to be the enhancement of; gross motor skills, fine motor skills, communication skills,cognition skills, and social/emotional development skills. A child's ability to develop physically and mentally involves moving and instructional guidance to be sure they learn to move safely!


Providing these services will benefit your center by enhancing the activities you offer children while they are in your care. Parents of today are looking for centers that offer the best services to their child, and through our collaboration your center can offer so much more!


The child receives these services while at daycare, home school, or private school, which eliminates the need to find additional activities after a long day of work or during the weekend when you should be relaxing!

Check out our class offerings to see how we bring these benefits right to your location!

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