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Milah Scott, a Native Washingtonian and budding 10 year-old entrepreneur extraordinaire, is the CEO of B. Fly by Milah Marie and also the Co-Teacher of Dance & Bond Mother & Daughter Dance Workshops. Milah’s interest in entrepreneurship began when she was 5 years-old and first joined her local Girl Scout Troop of Hemingway Church as a Daisy Scout.

She first learned skills through selling the Famous Girl Scout Cookies, and one year landed among the Top 100 Sellers! Her passion for fashion and inspiring others lead her to creating accessories with positive and uplifting messages. B.Fly buttons, with powerful and sometimes funny imagery and phrases, have been a big hit with those young and seasoned!  


         B. YOU      B.INSPIRED       B.FLY

Milah Marie's handmade accessories for young ambitious girls, are the perfect gift for the awesome girl in your life! Even women love the buttons that remind them of their magic! Get your unique one-of-a-kind accessory or a cool button today and help make the dreams of a budding entrepreneur come true; to inspire young girls to believe they can do anything! 

                    B. MAMA     B. BOSS    B.FLY

Designed for Mamas! 

Claim it! Wear it! Vision Pins!

For the get it done mama, who needs a reminder every now and then of her mama magic!!!

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