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Mission Statement

Let's Move Too!, believes the art of creative movement & creative development unleashes a child's highest potential.

The Let's Move Too! Program mission is to provide a connection to high quality Creative Movement & Developmental Instruction Services through contracting professional instructors to centers and organizations that serve children and youth. Check out the benefits and see our class offerings.








Every parent wants to give their child a leg up in life! Introducing movement instructions at an early age is proven to enhance the cognitive and physical development of children! 

Be a childcare center that offers these programs to enhance the development of the children you serve!


Are you a daycare center, home school, private school, or provider of services to children between 9am to 5pm? Enhance your students' development with added instruction in activities like dance, interactive story time, sports, music, and art, provided by a professional instructor from the

"Let's Move Too! progam."


If you are a parent with a toddler age 2 to 5 who attends a daycare that does not offer physical or mental development activities outside of "playtime", you can recommend us to your child's daycare center. We also provide services to centers that serve youth ages 5 to 14. Contact us by clicking below to receive more information to give to your child's care center.

“Let's give them all the tools they need early in life, and watch them take flight!”

Let's Move Too!

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